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Native American students require culturally-responsive services.  Current data shows that nationally American Indian students have a 65% high school graduation rate and 19% matriculation rate.

When culture is integrated into student services, American Indian students thrive on their educational journey.  However, due to school budget constraints and lack of cultural training, many schools are unable to provide the level of support our Native American students require and deserve.

Four Directions Educational Consultants can assist schools by providing culturally-responsive school counseling services to individual students and/or small groups.


All sessions are provide virtually and recorded for both student and our consultants' protection.  Schools will need to provide students with necessary technology to access virtual meetings. Four Directions Educational Consultants will provide the virtual space. 

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Example Services

Throwing Caps

Personalized College List

This service provides Native American students with a personalized college list for post-high school consideration.

Students will meet once virtually with one of our consultants, who will gather information on what you and your family desire from a college experience.  Honoring culture needs will be explored.


Based on the information gathered, the consultant will create a college list tailored to YOU.

Families can purchase this service or work with their school district/Indian Education program to purchase the service.

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Personalized Career List

Our consultants support Native American students to catch their career dreams.  This service provides students with a personalized career list to consider after high school graduation.

Students will meet virtually three times with one of our consultants to complete up to five career assessments service with interpretation; discover career matches, and obtain career information to begin to plan for life after high school.

Families can purchase this service or work with their school district/Indian Education program to purchase the service.


Balancing Our Medicine Wheels

Connection is an important cultural piece.  Students have the opportunity to meet virtual bi-weekly with a consultant.   

The sessions will focus on balancing our Medicine Wheel, including reviewing the aspects of the student's mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.  

Students will create their own goals for each direction to support their own growth.

Team work

Virtual Group Sessions

Our virtual group sessions bring Native American students together through a common theme.

Past groups have included:

  • Native Authored Book Clubs

  • College Rep Visits

  • College Tours

Future considerations may include:

  • Food Teachings and Cooking

  • Walking Towards Graduation

  • Loom Beading/Art Techniques