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Personal Profile

In 2013, I started my journey as an Indian Education School Counselor.  I soon discovered that the school counseling profession had limited information and resources to support school counselors with culturally responsive services and programming for Native populations.


Since 2013, I have dedicated much of my free time to researching best practices within the school counseling realm to support Native American youth.  Additionally, much time was spent engaging in meaningful conversations with cultural knowledge keepers, including my own in laws who are enrolled members of White Earth.   During this time period,  I began to incorporate the research, the cultural concepts, and my own skillset of being a licensed English teacher and school counselor to develop culturally responsive lessons, curriculum, professional development, and program development to support Native youth through their high school journey and beyond.

Soon afterwards, local schools counselors and other Indian Education programs requested access to the culturally responsive resources and professional development that I created.  Thus, Four Directions Educational Consulting Services (4DECS) was born.  Today, 4DECS provides consulting services to school counselors and Indian Education programs, including the enhancement of college and career readiness programming for Native youth,   Other services that we provide include coaching, professional development, program development, grant consultation, and contracted student services.  We are a registered LLC in the State of Minnesota and carry liability insurance.

4DECS has grown to now include our new online platform, CollegeBound Journey, which was developed by our digital partners at Nativ3.  CollegeBound Journey is registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  The platform is another venue for us to share resources to support Native youth journey towards college.

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Kerrie Troseth, MS.

Owner and Lead Consultant

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